How to Sell a Home During Fall and Winter

//How to Sell a Home During Fall and Winter

How to Sell Your Home During Fall & Winter

How to sell a home during fall and winter isn’t impossible or improbable. It’s true, buying and selling real estate peaks in the spring and summer months, but keeping these seasonal tips in mind can help your home from sitting stagnate on the market during these typically stale months.

Curb Appeal Still Matters

Don’t judge a book by its cover doesn’t apply to real estate, and just because it’s cold outside doesn’t excuse use from ignoring the leaves that are falling or the snow that might cover the ground. Make sure to rake the leaves from your yard; clean out flowerbeds and lay new mulch; wash the residual dirt from your walkways and patios, and if needed, scrape the snow for a clear pathway. First impressions are everything, and a sloppy exterior translates to a sloppy interior in the minds of a buyer.

Light, Light, Baby

Lighting is important year-round, but especially in the fall and winter months. Remember, days are shorter and often tend to be darker, so exposing the natural light when possible and having a well-lit home can make all the difference. Draw the blinds and clean your windows, replace dim light bulbs, and if you have a particularly dark room consider brightening the paint color if possible. You dont want things to look stark white, but instead try and create a cozy yet bright atmosphere.

Keep Seasonal Décor to a Minimum

Don’t call us a scrooge, but keeping your holiday décor simple and clean can prevent your home from looking cluttered. This applies to the interior and exterior; its not expected for your home to be bare for the holidays, but keeping your seasonal accessories to a minimum can go a long way in the mind of the buyer and can flatter the space instead of overwhelming it.

Check the Home Before Showings

Checking your home before showings is a given, but it’s more important in the fall and winter because it’s easy to track in dirt and leaves during these months and abuse areas of the home and not even be aware of it. Keeping the floors clean, blankets and coats tidy and giving areas like a mud room, laundry room or kitchen a once-over before a showing can ensure things are looking their best.

Price Competitively

This goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyways. If you choose to list your home during the slower real estate months, pricing is hugely important, and the longer it sits, the more money and stress it costs you. An overpriced home during an already sluggish month can hurt the chances of a sale. To best understand the market and the value of the home, always contact a real estate agent and work with them through the process.


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