Instagram Tips for Real Estate Agents

//Instagram Tips for Real Estate Agents

Instagram Tips for Real Estate Agents

Instagram has busted onto the social media scene, and has been a proven method of promoting a business or keeping in contact with clients.

With almost 700 million users and a greater reach than Facebook and Twitter, it is a no brainer for real estate agents to utilize this powerful social media platform.

You may be a user already or new to the insta game, either way, here are some tips and suggestions to maximize your Instagram account.


  1. Create a professional looking account with an easily searchable name and clear image. Make sure your name is at the forefront and if your desired name is already taken, try a variation using a period or underscore. As for your profile image, use your brand logo or a closeup of yourself. Remember that this picture will appear very small most of the time, so don’t over complicate it.
  2. Use a business account; it will allow you to see analytics for your overall presence and individual posts. Already have a personal account and don’t want to lose the followers you have accumulated? Switching between a personal and business account is as easy as a click of a button, and you can go back-and-forth between the two types of accounts so you can always reverse your decision. A business style account also allows for more information to be provided in the profile about section.
  3. Don’t forget a call to action. It’s a simple, yet big mistake. So often when promoting a product or service, we give a killer description but don’t tell the audience what to do with this new found information. Asking your audience to take action should be at the bottom of your profile info and on various posts when applicable.
  4. Your content should be consistent. On Instagram it isn’t how often you post, it’s that you post a consistent amount. Followers take notice and come to expect your frequency of posting, so if you post once a day or every other day, just make sure to keep it the same. Also, your content should not just be pictures or videos of homes, make sure to include your personal journey as well; let your account reflect you as person and as a professional.
  5. Use #Hashtags to your advantage. After you make a post, immediately comment with a list of hashtags that pertains to the post. You want to provide Instagram users with searchable terms that are relevant to help increase traffic and followers for your account. The reason you would put those in the comment section is to keep your caption still looking clean while still associating the hashtags to the individual post.
  6. Interact with your followers and those you follow. Don’t forget the purpose of social media; it’s to be social. This concept still applies to businesses and interacting can help grow your following as well as increase your retention. Commenting, replying and liking others’ posts can go a long way.

Have any questions pertaining to using Instagram for business purposes? Feel free to leave them in the comment section below, and we will do our best to answer them.

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